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My name is Esther and I’m a graphic and web designer and photographer specializing in weddings and families.

I love working with natural light and capture every emotion and stage of your life. Photographing people and their emotions. A smile, a gesture, a hug.

Any reason is good to keep it in photographs that last forever.

Depends of the time of year I have a lot of work so you need contact and book a photoshoot or wedding asap.

I still remember when I saw your jobs, when I saw your pics, when I saw they way you do it,.... I knew that it has to be you who does it that day, I felt it.... Then I met you and that was what gave me the 100% It was a pleasure to have you with us in a such a big day. The biggest “thank you” still not enough. ”

Sarah + Yannick

Wedding in London. 2018

Get the Best Gift ​

Do you want to give something special? A photo shoot is definitely an original gift. Who doesn’t like having memories that will last forever?

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