We want you to be our photographer but we are not in the basque country. would you travel for the photoshoot?

Of course! I am located in london but i have not problem to travel to your wedding. As you can see i love traveling and I would happily do it for your wedding.

Can we meet before the wedding?

Of Course! I like to meet the couple before the wedding. We can meet for a coffee, get to know each other and show you my work more in detail. If it is not possible to meet in person, we can always arrange a video call and have a chat.

When and how do we make the reservation?

We will formalize the reservation by signing a contract reflection the pack you are interested in. People normally reserve dates between 10 and 12 months in advance, so the sooner the better.

What does the couple photoshoot of the weeding day consist in?

This photoshoot consists in a series of pictures taken only to the couple in the wedding day at the time that most suits you both.

How much time would you spend with us the wedding day?

I be with you since first time in the morning. From the time you start getting ready to the dance in the wedding, to be able to capture all the special moments.

Will you publish our wedding pictures?

Only if you allow it. I understand that privacy is very important in this unique day in your life. Your comfort is top priority for me.

However I would appreciate if you gave me consent to publish some of the pictures to show other couples my work.

How do you submit the pictures?

I will give you a wooden box with 20 printed pictures and a pen drive with 600 pictures at least, in high resolution and without ©Copyright marks.

You will also have a dedicated, private online photo gallery, where your guests and you will have the chance of seeing and downloading the pictures.

Do you give an album?

It is not mandatory but is something I recommend. It is always wonderful to have printed pictures in an album and being able to share it with family and friends.

What is a private gallery?

Is a dedicated area in my web page, password protected, where you and your guests will have access to the wedding pictures i release, ones they are edited.

We don’t know how to pose for photoshoots. how would we do it?

Most people don’t know how to do it. I will help you all the time and try to make the most expontaneous pictures as possible.

How long will it take until we get the pictures?

I like to give the pictures as soon as posible. I will normaly give them between 1 and 3 months after the wedding. This is the time to finish the entire work.

However, i allways give some sample pictures before that time!


Info and book your shoot

Depends of the time of year I have a lot of work so you need contact and book a photoshoot or wedding asap.


My name is Esther and I’m a graphic and web designer and photographer specializing in weddings and families.

I love working with natural light and capture every emotion and stage of your life. Photographing people and their emotions. A smile, a gesture, a hug.

Any reason is good to keep it in photographs that last forever.

I still remember when I saw your jobs, when I saw your pics, when I saw they way you do it,.... I knew that it has to be you who does it that day, I felt it.... Then I met you and that was what gave me the 100% It was a pleasure to have you with us in a such a big day. The biggest “thank you” still not enough. ”

Sarah + Yannick

Wedding in London. 2018

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